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2007 reunions

December 26, 2006 (Yangon)

Yangon group organized a lunch party at Khin Khin Yee's Royal Garden restaurant on 26th Dec 2006. Khin Khin Yee hosted with great Lobster salad and Royal Garden's famous Dim Sum. Moe Kyaw Thu from Singapore, Jarlin and her husband Robert from US also attended the gathering.

You can see Khin Maung Htwe & Tin Tin Wai, Khine Than, Sid Naing, Honey and Aye Aye Myint as usual. Director Min Wai Latt recorded the gathering with video cam so please expect to see it very soon (about 5 months :-). Ngwe Soe, Win Myint (Win Pu), Than Win, Thame Kyaw, Aye Aye Tint, and Kyu Kyu Win also participated this time. Khin Ma Gyi came with her two beautiful daughters lately. Khin Khin Phyu drove from North Okklapa in rush and arrived last after Khin Maung Htwe quitted to a meeting.

Tun Myint Latt from Belgium, Sandar Soe Aung and Tin May Than from US also visited Yangon at that time but could not make it to the gathering due to their own family trip.

Yangon group annouced all classmates to satisfy with this gathering, instead of 20 years after reunion at this time. Moreover they heard Win Myint (Ah Shay Gyi) will come visit in early January without Khin San Win and son.

still beautiful ladies - Jarlin & Khin Ma Gyi.

still kind of beautiful ladies - Tin Tin Wai & Honey.

still kind of somewhat beautiful ladies - Ma Myint & Kyu Kyu Win.

Aye Aye Tint inviting Ngwe Soe to join beautiful ladies group :-)

Khin Khin Yee is most beautiful (she paid for lunch :-)

Sid Naing, Khine Than, Thame Kyaw & Than Win welcome late coming Khin Khin Phyu.

Director Min Wai Latt shooting video camera.

everybody smiling to camera.

Robert & Jarlin with Yangon group.

Min Wai Latt taking pictures again.

Reunion golfing - Moe Kyaw Thu, Htin Paw & Thame Kyaw at Yangon golf club.

Moe Kyaw Thu, Thame Kyaw & Than Win golfing.

Please also visit Narration page to read Moe Kyaw Thu's writing on Yangon reunion.

[20th year after]


December 28, 2006 (Taipei)

Kyi Maung visited to Taiwan and had a dinner gathering on December 28 with Sein Quan, Tin Aye, Aung Kyaw, Myo Myint and Kyone Tint.

Tin Soe could not make it to dinner as he lives in Taitung & too far from Taipei. Beautiful ladies - Kyi Kyi Win and Myo Myint's wife Than Than Myint also could not attend beacause they are on-call that evening.

the guys did not have much fun without beautiful ladies.

Aung Kyaw, Sein Quan and Tin Aye.

Kyi Maung & Sein Quan searching some beautiful ladies in Taiwan beach :-)

January 6, 2007 (Singapore)

Kyi Maung dropped by Singapre on his way home to US and had a nice lunch gathering with Moe Kyaw Thu, Khin Khin Yee, Kay thi Tun and Sabai Phyu. San San Oo from England also visited to Singapore at that time.

Moe Kyaw Thu & Kyi Maung are so happy as they are going to meet some beautiful ladies :-)

Moe Kyaw Thu can sit with San San Oo.

and Kyi Maung can sit with Sabai, Khin Khin Yee & Kay Thi. (Hooray!)

everybody enjoyed Singapore fishes.

everybody with Kyi Maung's son Julius.

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