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Hello friends,

So nice to see you again. It is quite a moving experience to see and hear you even if it is on the web. I can imagine how exciting it will be, to be in those reunions. I envy those who attended these reunions. What a great way to close this year for our classmates. As we go into a new year, our this class is becoming closer and stronger, thanks to all of us.

The effort we started in our spare time about a year ago has grown into something we all can be proud of. It is more than we imagined, and becoming a real classmate movement with broadbased and enthusiastic participation.

Our class is not known for famous people like “Lin Aung Thet” or “Myo Min Lay”. We are known for our “beauty queens”, “chin lone”, “football”, “(X-rated) folk stories” and even some other real life stories. Now we can add “the first classmates website” and “most cohesive class” to our class’ distinctive qualities. Annual reunions? That will be outstanding.

Still there is more to be done. It is a work in progress. It is our class’ history in the making. Even though we pioneered the movement from this area in US, it has to grow to encompass all of us, anywhere in the world. Please continue the support and input to make this even better. It may seem like the website has more news and pictures of california classmates. It is because of our still limited ability to get more news and pictures from other classmates, and let me apologize for this. With continued effort, more diverse news and photos will appear in these pages. Please help with sending news, photos and updates to make all classmates and regions represented well.

To have leadership positions re-elected every year or so is also considered to promote broader participation. Please nominate classmates who can carry on with the mission. It will be good to see people taking turns at leadership positions, sharing the responsibilities and adding different ideas and flavors to the group.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve here.
Happy and prosperous New Year.

Aung Khine,
Your classmate.
December 2002.

[P.S. Is there any change in your address, phone number, email, professional life (also family life and love life)? Please be sure to let us know so that we can keep it up to date and continued to keep in touch with you.]

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