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Reunions 2004


2004 reunion VCD is available now. Please thank to Director Min Wat Latt (valentine digital media house) for his wonderful product. Please check these wonderful smiles.

Ohn Than accepting first prize DVD player from Thet Shay.

Tin Nwe Oo smiling.

To receive full copy of 2004 reunion VCD, please email to Kyi Maung in Northern California or Aye Aye Thant, San San, Aung Khine in LA area or Aye Aye Myint, Khin Maung Htwe, Min Wai Latt in Yangon. To view sample screen shots from VCD and reunion Guestbook, please click on following links.

[ Sample VCD ]

[ Sample Autograph ]


2004 reunion was successfully completed on February 21 at Lion City restaurant (Tin Tun's) in Yangon. About 100 classmates attended. Many showed up with family members. We thank to everyone attending and participating. After programme, we got commitments from many classmates to donate for future reunion and Sayar Ka Taw Pwe.

Zaw Tun 1,000,000 Kyats
Khin Maung Htwe & Tin Tin Wai 500,000 Kyats
Myint Myint Nyein 300,000 Kyats
Htin Paw 300,000 Kyats
Tin Tun 300,000 Kyats
Khine Than 300,000 Kyats
Win Myint (Win Pu) 300,000 Kyats
Kyaw Tun Myint 300,000 Kyats
Khin Thin Thin (Honey) 200,000 Kyats
Tun Aung & Aye Aye Yee 200,000 Kyats
Aye Aye Myint 200,000 Kyats
Thant Zin 100,000 Kyats
Tin Tin Maw 100,000 Kyats
Saw Naung 100,000 Kyats
Thin Thin Yee 100,000 Kyats
Khin Maung Yin & Khin Moet Moet 100,000 Kyats
Thein Kyaw 100,000 Kyats
Kyaw Zin Wai 100,000 Kyats
Min Thwe 100,000 Kyats
Than Oo 100,000 Kyats
Myo Myat Thu 100,000 Kyats
Soe Min (Bamar) 100,000 Kyats
Min Wai Latt 100,000 Kyats
Hla Tun 100,000 Kyats
Maung Maung Kyaw 100,000 Kyats
Sid Naing 100,000 Kyats
Min Thu 50,000 Kyats
Khin Ma Gyi 50,000 Kyats
Aye Aye Htwe 50,000 Kyats
Total 5,550,000 Kyats

The list keeps growing and growing.

Khine Than explaining his lucky draw and future plan of saya ka taw pwe.

Thet Shay at IM(1) 1986 sign.

more Reunion Photos


Dear all friends,

We are going to held re-union party on February 21, 2004 as some of us haven't seen each other since our graduations. Although we wanted to do Saya KhaDawtPwe as well, we can't organize all this time because most of our colleagues are lack of interest in it. So I felt bad and blamed myself for it. We only have 10 members (although I invited all to attend meeting in countrywide run newspaper & my journal) attended at Tin Tun's restaurant on Saturday meeting (01/03/2004).

We've decided to held only get-together party on 02/21/2004 and we would try to issue a memorial book about all families. Therefore we like to get all information from yours and your appreciation.

We hope that our Saya KhaDawtPwe will be held in very near future so we shouldn't miss our dream to do so. But we need your active participation as well as your financial support if all of you are interested to do so. According to our data, there will be at least 150 teachers who taught us. We have considered to honor at least 20,000 kyats (20 US$ only) to each teacher, so that we need 3 million Kyats (3,000 US$) fund to raise. There are about 137 classmates in Yangon, 43 classmates in all over Myanmar and 98 classmates in oversea. The other reason to give up Saya KhaDawtPwe is we couldn't estimate how many classmates from oversea can attend at this time.

Anyway, our hope is still shinning as a very narrow thread and I think it can be happened one day if only half of our classmates are interested to participate.

Khin Maung Htwe
Jan 6, 2004


2004 reunion party would be held tentatively on 12th Feb 2004 (Union Day). To prepare how to arrange smoothly, everybody is invited to come and participate in the following programme.

  • Date: 3rd Jan 2004 (Saturday)
  • Time: 10:00 AM
  • Place: The Lion City Restaurant (Tin Tun owns it), BaYintNaung Road, Kamaryut T/S


Myanmar working body group is working hard for 2004 Ar Sa Yei Ya Pu Zaw Pwe & Renuion. Tentative date is in February, 2004. You can see the extract of advertisment in Khin Maung Htwe's Health Digest journal (12/10/03 issue). Please contact to those organizers for more information.