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Reunions 2002 (October & Novemeber)

We have 4 reunions of our classmates during October and November of 2002. We thank to all classmates who had spared time to meet each others on those days.

Reunion (1) - October 1, 2002 in Japan
Reunion (2) - October 26 & 27, 2002 in Taiwan
Reunion (3) - November 5, 2002 in Yangon (Western Park II)
Reunion (4) - November 27, 2002 in Yangon (Kan Yeik Tha)

For reunion (1), thanks to Japanese group for sending photos. For reunion (2), thanks to Kyi Maung for visiting Taiwan, special thanks to Aung Kyaw in Taiwan for great organization skills and showing around. For reunion (3), thanks to Kyi Maung, Sein Quan & San San Oo for visiting Yangon from U.S, Taiwan & England respectively, and special thanks to Sid Naing and Kyaw Lin in Yangon for western park gathering. For reunion (4), thanks to Than Tun Aung & Zaw Lwin for joining from U.S, thanks to Moe Kyaw Thu for joining from Singapore, thanks to Thet Shay for coming from War Kan Maa, and special thanks to Khine Than, Min Wai Latt, Maung Maung Myo, Khin Maung Htwe, Sid Naing & Aye Aye Myint for organizing, making arrangement and many other small details.

We have our record up to 38 classmates in latest one (4) and we will definitely have bigger Reunion in 2003. Please stay tuned...

Well, without further "Arr Luu", let's enjoy our classmates reunion photos from Yangon, Taiwan and Japan.

Reunion (4) - November 27, 2002 in Yangon (Kan Yeik Tha)

38 at Kan Yeik Tha

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Standing: Min Wai Latt, Hla Htun , Soe Paing, Thet Khine Win, Maung Maung Kyaw, Min Thwe, Hla Myint, Than Tun Aung, Win Maung, Mya Win , Maung Maung Aye, Moe Kyaw Thu, Aung Kyaw Oo, Myo Zin Nyunt, Sid Naing, Thein Kyaw, Maung Maung Myo, Saw Thein, Zaw Lwin, Saw Win Aung, Htin Paw & Khine Than.
Seated: Than Tun, Kyaw Zin Wai, Nay Win Maung, Khin Maung Htwe, Tin Tin Wai, Than Than Lwin, Thin Thin Yee, Mi Mi Aung, Myint Myint Nyein (Ah Phwa Gyi), Aye Aye Htwe, Aye Aye Yee, Aye Aye Myint, Thet Shay & Than Oo.
(Thein Zaw & Win Pu had left earlier).

Win Maung arrives

Thein Zaw (right) and Zaw Lwin (only see his back) welcome him.

Min Thwe is drinking

Myo Zin Nyunt and Saw Win Aung are eating.

Aung Kyaw Oo & Saw Thein talking

Min Thwe on the right.

Zaw Lwin joins the group

You can see Thein Kyaw's back too.

Win Maung also joins the chat

Mya Win and Hla Myint

Win Myint (Win Pu) arrives

Mya Win said "Why are you so late?"

Thet Khine Win, Win Maung & Mg Mg Myo

Hla Tun, Moe Kyaw Thu & Mg Mg Aye

Mg Mg Myo & Thein Zaw

Mg Mg Aye, Mg Mg Myo & Thet Khine Win

Kyaw Zin Wai talking to Htin Paw

Maung Maung Myo walking behind.

Thin Thin Yee, Thet Shay & Aye Aye Myint

Check out Thet Shay's bald head!

Aye Aye Myint & Mi Mi Aung eating

Aye Aye Yee & Aye Aye Htwe

and Than Than Lwin (back) is talking to Thein Zaw.

Thein Zaw, Sid Naing & Than Oo

Than Oo said "give me more food".

Sid Naing, Than Oo & Thin Thin Yee

Than Oo still wants more food but he waits for photo taking.

Mi Mi Aung, Than Tun Aung & Hla Tun

Than Tun Aung said "I need more food too".

Khin Mg Htwe & Tin Tin Wai

Tin Tin Wai said "Do you want my chicken wing?".

Thein Kyaw & Aung Kyaw Oo

Thein Kyaw said "I am No. 1 in Burmese Traditional Medicine".

Bald head contest

Hla Tun, Thet Shay & Maung Maung Aye.

and the winner is...

Thet Shay over Mg Mg Aye by 2 inches. Mg Mg Myo the judge.

Khine Than, Than Tun & Khin Mg Htwe

Khine Than told Than Tun "They should put you in the contest. You can beat Thet Shay by 3 inches".

Saw Win Aung & Khine Than drinking

"You know what? We are so lucky that we are not bald yet."

Money please!

As Min Wai Latt & Khine Than approaching, People hiding & laughing.

Director Min Wai Latt looking for young new actress

and he found our Myint Myint Nyein (Ah Phwa Gyi).

Reunion (3) - November 5, 2002 in Yangon (Western Park II)

Kyaw Lin the psychiatry (Nov 1)

Kyi Maung, Kyaw Lin & Sein Quan in Yangon.

Sit Khin is a Rice Merchant (Nov 4)

Sein Quan, Sit Khin & Kyi Maung in Yangon.

Bo Win at Shwe Pazoon

Bo Win attending MBA (Manangement Business Administration) class in Yangon.

24 at western park (2). Nov 5 in Yangon

Click here for bigger photo

The name of the game is "How many can you name them?"

Sid Naing the organizer. Thanks!

half of Soe Min (Arakhine), Min Thwe, Sid Naing, Thein Kyaw & Kyi Maung.

Min Thwe is eating & Nay Lin Oo is standing

and Soe Min is talking to Kyaw Lin & wife Nan Kyi Kyi Htay.

Than Oo with girls

Than Oo, Khin Moe Moe, San San Oo & Than Than Lwin.

Girls talk

San San Oo, Than Than Lwin, Tin Tin, Ma Htay Kyaw & Tint Tint Kyi.

Boys sitting

Min Thwe, Hla Myint, Soe Paing, Sein Quan, Shwe Tun Aung, Kyi Maung, Than Oo, S.J Lwin & Soe Min.

Boys sitting (2)

Same people but Saw Min Naing in place of Kyi Maung.

Khin Shwe Phone Gyi Suan Kyway (Nov 6)

Win Myint (Win Pu), Kyi Maung, Saw Min Naing, Khin Shwe, Sit Khin and Myint Htoo at Khin Shwe's house in Yangon.

Win Myint (Win Pu) the business man

Win Myint (Win Pu) talking to Saw Min Naing & wife about his petrolium business at Khin Shwe's house.

Reunion (2) - October 26 & 27, 2002 in Taiwan

Aung Kyaw's House in Taiwan (Oct 26)

Sein Quan, Aung Kyaw, Tin Aye & daughter.

Thanks Aung Kyaw for wonderful lunch

Tin Aye & daughter, Sein Quan, Kyi Maung, Aung Kyaw, his wife & 2 beautiful girls.

Same people in the park

4 guys on the bridge

Aung Kyaw and Kyi Maung

Can you tell who is who???

Another lunch by Kyone Tint. Thanks :-)

Aung Kyaw, Kyone Tint, Kyi Maung & Tin Aung in Taiwan (Oct 27).

Reunion (1) - October 1, 2002 in Japan

Japan group (Oct 1)

Htay Lwin, Myint Oo, Aye Aye Thant, Yee Yee Lwin, & Tin Tin Win Shwe in Tokyo.

Japan group (another one)

You can notice someone has moved his position here :-)