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Bulletin Board 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Aung Khine's family and Kyi Maung's family.

Merry Christmas from Aung Khine & Khine Khine's son Henry and big sister Sandi.

Merry Christmas from Kyi Maung & Thin Thin Yee's daughter Jasmine and big brother Julius.

Aung Kyaw's visit

Aung Kyaw visited back from Taiwan in 2005 December. He had a small reunion dinner at Shan Kan restaurant on December 2nd. Aung Kyaw, Khine Than, Khin Maung Htwe, Aung Min, Aung Thura, Than Win, Saw Min Naing, Min Wai Latt, Tin Tin Wai, Aye Aye Htwe, Aye Aye Myint, Terry and her Ko Nyi Nyi attended.

Aung Kyaw with Aung Min, Khin Maung Htwe & Min Wai Latt.

Aung Kyaw with Terry, Tin Tin Wai, Aye Aye Myint & Aye Aye Htwe.

Saya Dutt's cataract operation successful

Saya Dutt's cataract was successsfully operated on November 29, 2005 at Jivida Darna Hospital. The cost of operation and IOL was donated by Khin Thynn Thynn. Volunteer surgeon was Dr. Yee Yee Aung (Our friend Win Win Aung's younger sister). Post-op condition was very good result.

Please thank to Dr. Khin Thynn Thynn and Dr. Yee Yee Aung for their good deed. All of our IM (1) of 1986 classmates are so happy and so proud to have friends like them.

Than Tun Aung, Khin Khin Yee & Yangon group donations

Than Tun Aung visited to Yangon and made big donation to our old teachers along with Yangon organizers. Khin Khin Yee from Singapore also sent her donation to our teachers.

On Nov 20, 2005, Than Tun Aung, Khine Than, Khin thin Thin, Min Thwe, Aye Aye Myint and Tin Tin Wai gathered and went to 3 teachers' (Daw Naw Mar Saw, Dr. Dutt & Dr. U Bar Choon) home to make very big donations.

Than Tun Aung donated Ks-120000/- to each teacher. IM (1) of 1986 donated Ks-50000/- to each teacher from our trust fund. Daw Naw Mar Saw can not walk so that Khine Than lift her out of her hut. She was so glad and talked so many words.

Saya Dutt is suffering from Cataract (he also had ischaemic heart) and planned to do operation. At such time, all of our donation money is so useful for him. Khin Khin Yee from Singapore also sent a donation box of condensed milks, horlicks, coffee mix, and others. Saya Dutt was so delighted to receive them. Then, Khin Thin Thin made some arrangement for Saya Dutt to operate at her Jivida Darna hospital.

Dr. U Bar Choon is also suffering from BPH and Parkinsonism. His hands are shaking all time. But he can still walk. Saya U Bar Choon is still smiling like our school days but less talkative.

We all call "Sardu" for all good deed by Than Tun Aung, Khin Khin Yee, Khin Thin Thin, Aye Aye Myint, Khin Maung Htwe, Tin Tin Wai, Khine Than, Min Thwe and many others. We are so thrill to hear all continuous good deed by our IM (1) of 1986 classmates and we are very sure there will be many others would follow in near future.

IM (1) of 1986 visited to Dr. Daw Normar Saw house.

Than Tun Aung at Saya Dutt house.

Than Tun Aung "Kandaw" Saya Dutt.

IM (1) of 1986 donated to Saya Dutt.

Than Tun Aung "kandaw" Saya U Bar Choon.

Aye Aye Myint donated to Dr. U Bar Choon on behalf of IM (1) of 1986.

Tea time with Than Tun Aung

Than Tun Aung visited back to Yangon in 2005 Thanksgiving week. He had small gathering with and Aye Aye Myint, Khin Maung Htwe, Tin Tin Wai, Min Thwe, Khine Than, Khin Thin Thin, Than Win, Aye Aye Htwe and San San Oo (who was also visiting from UK) at a restaurant.

Min Thwe, San San Oo & Than Tun Aung at a tea shop.

Than Tun Aung & friends gathered at a restaurant.

Shwe Tun Aung's wedding

Shwe Tun Aung, our antique bachelor friend, got married on October 30, 2005. The lucky bride is Dr. Ei Ei Minn, PhD (Engineering Physics, Electronics, Germany). She is working at Myanmar Ministry of Science and Technology. The wedding reception was held at "Ti-pi-ta-ka" Monastery, Yangon.

Congratulation to Shwe Tun Aung & Ei Ei Min. Let's wish them a very happy and successful married life.

Foot note: the couple photo is not available yet.

Kyone Kuin and Ohnmar Khin

Kyone Kuin and Ohnmar Khin are in Ohio, US. Attached are some pictures of the couple and Aung Myint during labor day weekend of 2005.

Kyone Kuin

Kyone Kuin & Ohnmar

Kyone Kuin & Ohnmar with Aung Myint

Aung Khine's new addition

Aung Khine's daughter Sandi got a promotion last week. She became a "Big Sister" and she is enjoying it. Her little brother, Henry is getting really good at sleeping and eating. Aung Khine and family are all doing well. Congartulations to Aung Khine and family.

Donation for Dr. Dutt

Aye Aye Myint got contact with Saya Dutt and donated 50,000 kyats from IM (1) of 1986 fund, 50,000 kyats from San San Oo's donation $200, two embroidered towels, and one IM (1) of 1986 address book. Saya Dutt was so pleased to hear his pupils did not forget him. We all thank Aye Aye Myint for doing good deed on behalf of all of our classmates.

L.A area classmates had met and discussed about raising more trust fund for poor old teachers. Still tuned...

Bo Win good deed

Bo win is giving helping hands to our poor old teachers as much as he could. He visited to Dr. Daw Norma Saw (Anatomy / Embryology) on June 18, 2005 and donated 1 lakh for her. Daw Narma Saw was hospitalized for eight months recently. Now she is well but can not walk properly. During picture taking she had difficulty to move around, but she is mentally very active and she gave regards all of her students.

Bo Win also visited to Dr. U Bar Choon (Forensic Medicine) on June 19, 2005 and donated 1 lakh for him. Saya U Bar Choon is suffering from BPH (treated by Dr. U Mya Thaung), Parkinsonís disease and right BBB.

Bo win also got contact with Dr. Dutt who is currently staying in MayMyo and will come back to Yangon in a couple of months. Bo Win will try to visit Dr. Dutt when he gets back to Yangon.

Bo Win at Dr. Daw Norma Saw house.

Bo Win donating Daw Norma Saw.

Daw Norma Saw house.

Bo Win donating Dr. U Bar Choon.

Bo Win kandaw Saya U Bar Choon.

Dr. U Bar Choon living in his daughter's apartment at Housing Board Compound, Thein Phyu Lan Thwe, Botataung.

Dear all classmates,

We all praise Bo Win for all of his efforts and dedications. We all call "Sadu" for all of his good deeds. This is just one example of our IM (1) of 1986 batch activities on humanity.

After Saya Kadaw Pwe in February, There are a lot of momentum going among some of our classmates to help out our poor old teachers and to raise more trust funds for all humanity activities. Thein Htay, Than Tun Aung and many other classmates are trying to raise more trust fund in U.S. Moe Kyaw Thu is actively organizing in Singapore area. San San Oo in England, already sent U.S $200 to Yangon group to use appropriate. Khin Maung Htwe, Aye Aye Myint and Yangon classmates had planned to meet and discuss to move forward. Please support us by helping those dedicated classmates as you can. Please contact them and support with your available time and resources as much as you can.

Saya Kadaw Pwe DVD

2005 Saya Kadaw Pwe DVD is available now. Please thank to director Min Wai Latt (Valentine Digital Media House) for another master piece. Please visit reunion page for all details.

Tin Tun visits LA

Tin Tun visited to LA and Disneyland during April 2005 and met with some classmates.

Ma Khin Hla, Tin Tun, Christina & Thein Htay, San San and Aye Aye Thant.

Tin Tun and the tallest

Tin Tun at world tallest Taipei 101 towel during April 2005.

Thant Zin passed away

We are so sorry to inform that our classmate Thant Zin suddenly passed away by car accident at Oat Twin township (near Taungoo). Thant Zin passed away on Sunday early morning of April 3, 2005 at Oat Twin township hospital. The funeral arrangement will be in Yangon on April 5, 2005. IM (1) of 1986 will send a flower basket and donate 5 holy robes (Thingan) for him.

All of our classmates are deeply saddened by this shocking news about Thant Zin's untimely demise. Everyone has to go along this path but this was very untimely and unexpected departure. We remembered the days when he sang and performed for convocation dinner in 1985. And we all enjoyed his wonderful & energetic singing in our recent class reunions.

Last four years, he worked as a TMO (Township Medical Officer) in Pindaya and Thandaung Township. Then he moved to ThaNatBin Township. He is a very dedicated TMO who actively organized all immunization campaigns, vitamin A campaigns and other public health activities in his area. He has been greatly admired by his staff members as well as township authorities and people in those areas. As a government staff, he was transferred to many townships and where ever he went ... he brought his Karaoke machines. That is a trademark of Thant Zin and the reason why he sings very well.

Thant Zin will be missed. So would his wonderful singing. All our prayers and shared merits for his liberation to the highest attainment in next life, and eventually to "Nirvana".

With heartfelt condolences,
IM (1) of 1986

Goofy Burmese in Wales

Sama Jalin & Robert visited to Wales, England and had a great time with old classmate San San Oo.

Goofy Burmese in Wales

Hailing in Wales

Tenby 3 (San San Oo, Jalin & Robert)

Jasmine first crawl

Jasmine (Kyi Maung's little princess) is 6 months old today. (she was born on 09/11) Jasmine tries to crawl in the bed and smile a lot these days. She makes Kyi Maung and Thin Thin Yee very busy these days.

Jasmine crawling and smiling

Thant Zin singing again :-(

Another year, another reunion, another gathering, another singing by Thant Zin. Another suffering for our ears. God! please help us! Next year, we should charge him money for each song he sings. Or we should pay him not to sing :-)

Thant Zin singing and Thin Thin Yee awarding flowers.

Please visit reunion page for complete Saya Kadaw Pwe photo sets and complete classmates' contribution list :-)

Handsome Aung Kyaw

Please don't think our handsome Aung Kyaw decided to change his career and jump into Taiwanese model and movie business. He is just dressing up for special occasion "Saya Kadaw Pwe". Aung Kyaw will go back to Yangon to attend the ceremony and also to celebrate Chinese New Year over there. Ma Khin Win and Sama Jalin from U.S will go back too. Please visit reunion page for more information on "Saya Kadaw Pwe".

Maung Maung Kyine in North Pole

Maung Maung Kyine moved to North Pole to prepare next year Christmas gifts for his kids and all the classmates' kids :-) Well, it is just a wishful thinking. He and his family are still enjoying their residence in Long Island, New York. Saya Kyine is still working hard as a Hospitalist in New York Downtown Hospital Pediatric area.

Maung Maung Kyine and family visited to North Pole during Christmas.

Maung Maung Kyine with wife Debbie and their kids Lawrence, Jessica & Benjamin.

Jessica, Lawrence & Benjamin.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Greetings from our classmates.

Aung Khine's daughter Sandi.

Aye Aye Thant's daughter Chit Phue Ngon Swe & Tin May Than's youngest son Michael.

Myo Zin Nyunt moved to Nepal

Myo Zin Nyunt moved to Nepal on Dec 6, 2004 for his new job as Regional HIV/AIDS Officer for UNICEF South Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal. let's wish him best of luck for everything.

Congratulation Win Aung & Olivia

Our Win Aung got married in November, 2004 in L.A. Congratulation to Win Aung and Olivia for their marriage and wish them well for a happy and prosperous journey as a couple.