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38 at Kan Yeik Tha

We had 2002 reunion of 38 classmates at Kan Yeik Tha restaruant in Yangon which is co-owned by Zaw Tun. Thanks to all classmates who had spared time to meet each others on Nov 27, 2002 and special thanks to Khine Than, Min Wai Latt, Maung Maung Myo, Khin Maung Htwe, Sid Naing & Aye Aye Myint for organizing, making arrangement and many other small details.

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Standing: Min Wai Latt, Hla Htun , Soe Paing, Thet Khine Win, Maung Maung Kyaw, Min Thwe, Hla Myint, Than Tun Aung, Win Maung, Mya Win , Maung Maung Aye, Moe Kyaw Thu, Aung Kyaw Oo, Myo Zin Nyunt, Sid Naing, Thein Kyaw, Maung Maung Myo, Saw Thein, Zaw Lwin, Saw Win Aung, Htin Paw & Khine Than.
Seated: Than Tun, Kyaw Zin Wai, Nay Win Maung, Khin Maung Htwe, Tin Tin Wai, Than Than Lwin, Thin Thin Yee, Mi Mi Aung, Myint Myint Nyein (Ah Phwa Gyi), Aye Aye Htwe, Aye Aye Yee, Aye Aye Myint, Thet Shay & Than Oo.
(Thein Zaw & Win Pu had left earlier).
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Khin Shwe Phone Gyi Suan Kyway

Khin Shwe treated "Moo Hin Gar" & Tea to Phone Gyi and friends for KATHAIN PWE at his house in Yangon. In the pictures some classmates showed up to eat "Moo Hin Gar". Win Myint (Win Pu), Kyi Maung, Saw Min Naing, Khin Shwe, Sit Khin and Myint Htoo.

24 at Western Park

Don't blame on digital camera. Western Park (2) is just too dark. On Nov 5, 2002, our 23 classmates plus Nan Kyi Kyi Htay (Kyaw Lin's wife) met in Western Park (2) of Yangon. Special thanks to our Yangon Regional Directors Sid Naing and Kyaw Lin for organizing such many classmates during a short period of time.

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Seated: Nan Kyi Kyi Htay (Kyaw Lin's sweet heart), Than Than Lwin (Disco), Khin Moe Moe, Tin Tin, Ma Htay Kyaw, Tint Tint Kyi, San San Oo & Sein Quan (007).
Standing: Shwe Tun Aung, Than Oo, Kyaw Lin, Sit Khin, Min Thwe, Kyi Mg, Sid Naing, Soe Min (Arakhine), Soe Paing, Hla Myint, Saw Naung, Saw Min Naing, Thein Kyaw, S.J Lwin, Hla Tun & Nay Lin Oo.
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Aung Kyaw showing around in Taiwan

Aung Kyaw showing Kyi Maung and other folks around Taiwan. In the picture, Tin Aye, Aung Kyaw, Kyi Maung and Sein Quan visited to big Dam around KYONE LEI area. In the other picture, Tin Aung, Kyone Tint and Aung Kyaw met at KYONE HO subway station to go to Kyi Maung for chat.

Sein Quan Hot Pot master

Sein Quan cooked very delicious Hot Pot and treated Tin Aye and Kyi Maung's family at his house in Taiwan. Thank you Quan! He also added tomatoes in Hot Pot. What the strange way to eat!

Khin San Yi in Stockton

Khin San Yi joined Stockton Kaiser Permanente this year. We welcome her in the Northern California area. Kaiser is expending in her area and currently is recruiting for new positions. She welcomes friends to apply in her area.

Friends in Japan

Htay Lwin, Myint Oo, Aye Aye Thant, Yee Yee Lwin, & Tin Tin Win Shwe in Tokyo
(2002 Oct 1)

It is a girl

Aung Khine announced "Please welcome our new addition, Sandi Win Khine. Born 9/25/02 (Wednesday), weight 7lbs 6 oz. Length 21 inches. Both Khine Khine and baby are doing well." Brand new daddy is doing well also. Congratulation Aung Khine and family.

Japanese contacts

Htay Lwin is in Japan. He received Ph.D in Medical Science from Tokyo Medical and Dental Graduate University. Now he is working in Genome Research Center in Hubit Genomix Research Institute in Tokyo as a research scientist.
He is also doing as a visiting investigator in Bioinformatic and epidemiology department, Fukushima Medical University, Fukushima, Japan for Japan-Myanmar health relationship.
He is also doing as a executive member of Imaizumi Japan Myanmar Scholarship foundation (educational organization only) in Japan.
He said when some come to Tokyo, they can stay in his room. What the nice guy :-)

Myint Oo is also in Japan, as a Ph.D. candidate for Immunology Department (HIV branch).

Tin Tin Win Shwe, Aye Aye Thant, Ye Ye Lwin and Thet Thet Lwin are also in Japan. Their contact info can be found in directory page.

Bravo Tin Oo Maung

Tin Oo Maung's wife Ma cho delivered a baby boy on Saturday the September 7th at 3:11 AM. The name is Adam Nathaniel Maung. He weighed 7lbs 8oz and is 20 inches tall. The baby as well as parents, grandparents and the big sister Samantha are doing fine. Congratulation Tin Oo Maung and family.

Congratulation Khin San Yi

Khin San Yi (Ann Kong) got married. Wedding of Edward Saw and Khin San Yi was held on Sep 7, 2002 in LA, southern california. Congratulation! They will move to LA and settle down there.

(Seated: Aung khine, Htay Aung, Lay Myint Tun, Win Aung, Ma Khin Win.
Standing: Ma Khin Hla, San San, Marla Oo, Hla Hla Yee, Khin San Yi and her groom Edward Saw, Nyun Nyun Soe and Tin May Than.)

Thin Thin Aung in Yuba City

Thin Thin Aung settles down in Yuba City, northern california. She has 2 kids; 11 years old son Chris & 3 years old daughter Cindy. In the picture, Thin Thin Aung with Ko Myo Khine visited to Than Tun Aung's house in Redding, California, during labor day weekend. (September, 2002) You can also see nice water melon in the picture.

Myo Zin Nyunt working for HIV/AIDS

Myo Zin Nyunt (Myo Gyi) is at UNICEF in Myanmar working for HIV/AIDS prevention and care, recently also taking charge of MCH programmes. His office is located in the building of Yangon International Hotel, 6th floor. Min Thwe is working as a consultant for WHO/UNAIDS (on secondment from Ministry of Health) on 5th floor. Min Thew is looking after the HIV surveillance programme. Saw Win Aung is also working at the same floor with Min Thwe but in a different organization called UN-IAP, preventing the trafficking of women and children in Myanmar (you may wonder what a strange job he has!).
On personal front, Myo Zin Nyunt is a full time family man...with a son of 8 months old.

It is a boy

Than Tun Aung's wife Mi Mi Naing delivered babay boy on July 31, 2002 (Wednesday) around 3PM through C section. Both Mom and baby are fine. Dad is fine too. Winn Naing Aung weighs 6 lbs. Than Tun Aung announced as "Please welcome our new edition who pop out by force on last day of July." Congratulation Than Tun Aung and family.

Sabai Phyu in Norway

Sabai Phyu is in Norway working in research of Microbiology and Immunology. Her address, phone numbers and email can be found in directory page.

Lay Myint Tun in Los Angeles

Lay Myint Tun is in Los Angeles. He is in this photo with Htay Aung, Win Aung and Aung Khine. This photo is taken in 07/02 when he went to see Win Aung's mother in USC University hospital. Win Aung's mother is recovering at home now.

Khin Maung Htwe at a get-together

Khin Maung Htwe at a get-together at Ma Khin Win's house during his LA trip in 03/02.
Front row: Ma Khin Win, Hla Hla Yee and her Brian, Robert and his San San
Back row: Su Su Hline (Junior class), Khin Maung Htwe, Zaw Win, Htay Aung, Win Aung and Aung Khine.

Congratulation Mie Mie Lin

Congratulation to Mie Mie and Danny Lin for their first son Nolan Lin. Nolan was born on March 9, 2002 by c-section. Both baby and parents are excellent. Now they are too busy with their 14 weeks old & trying to adjust new sleep rhythm. Well, welcome to the parenthood.

Zaw Lwin the Sushi man

Zaw Lwin settles down in Charleston, South Carolina, becoming successful Sushi restaurants owner. He has expanded to four Sushi restaurants and planning to expand more and more. In the picture, Than Tun Aung visited to Zaw Lwin's place in end of May. His contact information can be found in the directory page. Anyone coming to Charleston, if you are little hungry, just give Zaw Lwin a ring. He has a lot of Sushi to feed you.

By the way, he is still single and still very good looking :-)

Aung Kyaw at Western Park

Aung Kyaw gathered with old classmates at Western Park in Yangon in November 2001. In the picture, you can also see Tin Tin Maw who became Aung Kyaw's sister in law (she married to Aung Kyaw's elder brother seven years ago). Tin Tin Maw has 5 and half years old son already.

(From left to right: S J Lwin, Tin Tin Maw, Aung Kyaw, unknown, Sandar Aung)

Moe Kyaw Thu in Singapore

Moe Kyaw Thu is in Singapore working as lecturer at Chemical and Life Sciences School of Nanyang Polytechnic. His address, phone numbers and email can be found in directory page. Anybody who wants to visit Singapore, just give him a call. He is very happy to serve you.

Nyunt Naing in New Zealand

Nyunt Naing is in New Zealand, working as a Social Worker there and studying in Social Work. He will finish his BSW next year and hoping he can work any part of the world without getting another professioinal license. He is planning to go back to Thailand in end of the year 2003 to finish his MPH. He is doing his thesis now. His address, phone numbers and email can be found in directory page.

Than Tun Aung is expecting

Our swimming champion Than Tun Aung is still going strong these days. After Ariella and Alex, Than Tun Aung and Mimi Naing are expecting their third baby in August, 2002.

Kyi Maung will visit Burma

Kyi Maung's wife Thin Thin Yee successfully passes US citizenship interview. They are planning a return visit to Burma around end of this year to show their son Julius to the relatives.

Passed away

Dr Ba Myint, father of Aung Khine and Su Su Hlaing(junior class) has passed away in Rangoon on 1st week of April 2002. Father of Min Wai Latt and father in law of Maung Maung Myo has passed away in Rangoon on 1st week of April 2002.

Khin Maung Htwe's visit

Khin Maung Htwe visited US in Feb and March 2002. He went to NY, San Francisco and Los Angeles. A get together of our Classmates was held at Ma Khin Win's place. Ko Zaw Win, Win Aung, Aung Khine, Hla Hla Yee, Tin May Than, Htay Aung, and San San showed up, Many with their families.

A smaller gathering was also held in San Jose at Kyi Maung's Place. Than Tun Aung, Yin Yin Myint, Khin Than Htay, and Aung Khine came.

(From left to right: Mimi Naing with Alex, Yin Yin Yin Myint, Aung Khine, Than Tun Aung, Khin Maung Htwe, Khin Than Htay and her George, Julius and Thin Thin Yee with their Kyi Maung, and TTA's daughter Ariella in the front)

Khin Khin Hla in US

Our Khin Khin Hla got married in 2001 and abord to Boston in 2002. Her address can be found in directory page.

San San Wei Membership

San San Wei received her Membership in Royla College of Physicians. She is now in England and her address and email can be found in directory page.