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20th year after

by Moe Kyaw Thu
January 2007

Dear Friends,

This year 2006-2007 is our 20th year after we departed each other in 1986-1987. Although staying and sharing enjoyable time together and departing at one time is natural in our life, we always wish "see you again". Our wish came true.

26th December 2006 is one of my memorable and unforgettable times, maybe once in a life-time. I met up with several of our IM1-86 classmates (thu-ngwe-chin-myar) in Yangon and Singapore. You may find several colleagues around but I am sure you will be hard to find someone whom you can call "friend (thu-ngwe-chin)" these days. It's true especially for those like me who are staying in an adopted country.

A group of our classmates gathered in Royal Garden restaurant on 26th December Tuesday for lunch-cum-gathering. I was amazed to see our friends who just came to meet up with old-friends in spite of their tight schedule. Khine Than, Khin Maung Htwe and Tin Tin Wai, Sid Naing, Ma Myint and Khin Thin Thin (Honey) are the friends who always welcome whoever visiting Yangon. As expected they all were there ("Thank you so much friends for your hospitality") and unexpectedly I met up with several other friends. Min Wai Latt, my long time friend from same group in school days to GP-mates in Kachin state , Ngwe Soe, my dear friend from lan-ma-daw hostel days, Kyu Kyu Win and Aye Aye Tint, both of them welcomed us, chatted and shared their enjoyable moments, and Win Myint, a well known big boss.

I have to say my special thanks to my golfing buddies Thein Kyaw and Than Win who not only came for gathering but also gave me some enjoyable time in Yangon golf courses. Khin Ma Gyi came in mid of lunch with two beautiful daughters. I must admit I was really surprised to see her who still kept her beauty (May I have your secret for my better-half please?). My dear old-friend from Bago National School days, Khin Khin Phyu rushed down to the gathering in time (Thank you so much, friend, for your time).

My special thank goes to Khin Khin Yee who is building up her business empire both in Singapore and Yangon, gave us the treat for this lunch and gathering in her own "Royal Garden" restaurant. (I saw accidentally) The waiter, who brought the bills, bowed his head and slowly moved backwards after looking at the boss (Khin Khin Yee). I felt like "hey, who is the real boss, 20 years after". Thank you very much, Khin Khin Yee.

I also met up with Jarlin and her better-half Robert from US. I was amazed at Robert told me a few burmese words. I was told the story that Jarlin was helping those who were not fortunate around Yangon. Congratulation Jarlin!

Finally we met up with Kyi Maung and family who came back from Taiwan on the way home to California and San San Oo from UK who visited Singapore in the first week of 2007. Our friends from Singapore, Sabai, Khin Khin Yee and Kay Thi Tun met up with them. Hope Kyi Maung and San San Oo enjoy Singapore food.


Moe Kyaw Thu