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Bulletin Board 2006

Than Than Yi in New Jersy

Than Than Yi and family are in Princeton, New Jersy area. Their contact information can be found in classmates directory.

Than Than Yi and her husband Dr. Myint Swan.

With their son Alexander Jr. and daughter Tracy.

Tin Tin Win Shwe's visit

Tin Tin Win Shwe arrived Yangon and Honey Khin Thynn Thynn hosted a dinner at Shan Kan restaurant again.

Sitting are Khine Than, Ko Shwe Kyet (Honey and Tin Tin's friend), Honey, Tin Tin Win Shwe,Tin Tin Wai and Aye Aye Myint. Standing are Director Thiha Kyaw Soe (Tin Tin and Ko Aung Min's friend), Ngwe Soe, Ko Aung Min (Honey's husband) and Sid Naing.

passed away

During this month, Thein zaw & Thein Maw 's father, Aung Kyaw Oo's father, Hlaing Myat Thu's father and Nyi Nyi Naing & Khin Ohnmar Naing 's father passed away.

On behalf of 1986 classmates, Aye Aye Myint and Yangon group donated 5 holy robes each and hire carpets to worship (as Muslim). We all send our heartfelt condolences to our friends for their great loss.

Sabai Phyu's visit

Sabai Phyu came back to Yangon during September, 2006. Honey Khin Thynn Thynn hosted a dinner at Shan Kan restaurant.

Khine Than, Ngwe Soe, Sid naing, Aye Aye Myint, Honey with her hubby Ko Aung Min & daughter Lukka, Min Thwe with his wife Ohnmar Khin, their son & daughter attended.

Sabai Phyu with Sid Naing, Ngwe Soe and Khine Than.

Min Thwe & Ohnmar Khin , their kids with Sabai.

Ngwe Soe, Khine Than with Honey, Ko Aung Min & Lukka.

Aye Aye Yi's visit

Aye Aye Yi and her children came back to visit Yangon for summer holiday. Tun Aung left in New York to study. A get together lunch was held at Royal Garden restaurant on August 20, 2006.

back: Khin Maung Htwe, Khine Than, Aye Aye Htwe, Aye Aye Yi, Hla Hla Win, Aye Aye Tint, Aye Kyi Kyi, Ma Mya Kyi, Aung Min & Aung Thura.
front: Tin Tin Wai, Pyone Pyone Sein, Aye Aye Yi's old state school friend, Hnin Hnin Yu & Aye Aye Myint.

Aye Aye Yi and friends with her two sons (Nyan Sithu Tun & Ye Min Heing).

Thandar Tun Aung (Aye Aye Yi & Tun Aung's daughter) with some old ladies :-)

Donation for Dr. Dutt

Saya Dutt was hospitalized at Asia Royal clinic for fracture neck of femur in July 2006. Hip replacement operation was done by orthosurgeon U Zaw Wai Soe. Saya Dutt also had ischaemic heart and BPH. He is treated by physicians U Zaw Than Tun and U Kyaw Swa Hlaing.

Aye Aye Myint and Yangon group went to hospital and donated Ks-200,000 from IM (1) of 1986 fund on 30th July.

Although Saya Dutt got recovery from hip fracture, he had febrile reaction from blood transfusion and PUO. He also had bedsores on his legs. His doctors are trying their best to help him. We all send him best wishes for speedy recovery.

All Dr. Myints' reunion

Sayagyi Dr. U Hla Myint visited Portland for two days on August 7 and August 8. Dr. U Hla Myint Stayed at Dr. U Pe Than Myint's house. Our classmates Dr. Win Myint and Khin San Win had an opportunity to meet both Sayagyis on both days. So it is kind of all Dr. Myints' reunion in Portland :-)

Poe Darli Thein Dan also joined their reunion and sang a lot of songs :-)

Saya U Hla Myint will continue his visit to LA. There will be a dinner arrangement in his honor on Sept 9, 2006 in LA by former students. Hope some classmates will also sing :-)

Khin San Win and son Ryan, Saya U Pe Than Myint, Saya U Hla Myint and Win Myint.

Saya U Hla Myint, Win Myint, Colin Leigh (from Burma), Saya U Pe Than Myint, Colin's wife, Poe Darli Thein Dan and her husband.

Than Tun Aung caught fishes

Than Tun Aung and family caught a lot of big fishes this summer. He is inviting all the classmates to come up and eat all his fishes since those are too many of them.

Win Myint & Khin San Win

Our classmates Win Myint (tall one) and Khin San Win live in Portland, Oregon. In the picture, Win Myint, Khin San Win and their son visited to Than Tun Aung house in Redding, California during summer.

Congratulation Si Si Tun

Let's congratulate our classmate Si Si Tun for passing England MRCP exam in July 2006. She passed the exam with flying colors. Si Si Tun is returning home at the end of August to continue her career choice of Chest Medicine in Yangon General Hospital. We wish her well for that wonderful career.

IM (1) school tie

Friends from 1987 class are planning to produce IM (1) school neckties. They are currently working with a clothier in Philadelphia http://www.alynn.com/custom.htm to finalize the purchase order. The estimated price is about $25 plus shipping fee for a printed silk tie. The clothier need a minimum of 50 to manufacture this custom necktie. If you are interested in ordering please contact Than Naing Oo at maungoo@hotmail.com or Gyi Phone Mo from 1987 class.

Ma Nu Khin's visit

Ma Nu Khin from LA visited to Yangoon in May, 2006.Tin Tun host a lunch at his Lion City restaurant on May 2, 2006. Ma Nu Khin, Ma Yin May, Hla Hla Win, Tin Tin Maw, Aye Aye Htwe, Hnin Hnin Yu, Pyone Pyone Sein, Tin Tun and Aye Aye Myint attended.

Ma Nu Khin with Ma Yin May, Hla Hla Win and Tin Tin Maw.

Ma Nu Khin & friends.

Sein Kywan's visit

Sein Kywan visited to Yangon around end of Januray, 2006 and met with some closed friends.

Sein Kywan & Ne Lin Oo at Ne Lin Oo's clinic. (01/24/2006)

Sein Kywan & Bo Win.

It is a boy!

Congratulation to Thein Htay and Christina Htay for birth of their first child. Matthew Htay is two weeks old now.

Kyone Kuin & Ohnmar visit

Kyone Kuin and Ohnmar Khin from Ohio visited Yangon. They hosted a dinner for their close friends at Panda Hotel, Yangon.

Back row: Aung Thura, Saw Naung, Aung Min, Mi Mi Aung, Ah Mar Kyi, Yin May, Aye Kyi Kyi, Terry's hubby Ko Nyi Nyi
Front row: Kyone Kuin & Ohnmar Khin, Oo Ko, Khin Khin Phyu, Kyu Kyu Win, Terry, Saw Naung's wife Dr. Yee Yee Naing, Aye Aye Myint

Jalin and Zaw Win visit

Sama Jalin & husband Robert visited to Yangon in January. Also Ko Zaw Win from Chicago visited Yangon. They met with some classmates on Jan 5, 2006.

Khine Than, Aung Thura, Win Maw Tun & Hlaing Myat Thu, Ko Zaw Win, Jalin & Robert, Tin Tin Wai, Min Thwe, Min Wai Latt, Sid Naing and Khin Maung Htwe at small gathering.

Shwe Tun Aung's wedding photos

Congratulation to Shwe Tun Aung & Dr. Ei Ei Minn for starting wonderful marriage life in October, 2005. The latest update is they are expecting a baby pretty soon. Great job Shwe. Congratulation!

In related news, Kyi Lwin Oo & Khin Kyaw Kyaw Soe are also expecting a baby pretty soon. Also from LA headline news, Thein Htay & Christina will have a baby very soon. It is really big baby booming by our classmates lately :-)

Shwe Tun Aung & Dr. Ei Ei Minn during their wedding reception.

the couple in their honeymoon at Chaung-Tha beach.

Yin Yin Myint and Naing Thu's donation

On January 4, 2006, Khin Maung Htwe, Tin Tin Wai, Khine Than, Sid Naing and Aye Aye Myint went aroud Yangon and delivered the donations of Yin Yin Myint & her sister San San Myint ($200 each for U Bar Choon and Daw Naw Mar Saw), the donations of Naing Thu ($500 each for U Bar Choon, Daw Naw Mar Saw and Saya Dutt) and Sid Naing's friends from junior class ($200 to Daw Naw Mar Saw only).

Conversion rate is at 1140 Kyats. So Daw Naw Mar Saw got about 1 million kyats. She said she will donate candle lights at pagoda with this money and will pray for all students. She will keep extra in the bank for her health and repairing house.

Saya Dutt got Ks-566,000/- . He was so glad to have it. He said he is now really in need because of no income. His operated eye is not too much improved because of optic nerve atrophy and his hearing is also impaired. Our classmates had to speak him loudly.

Saya U Bar Choon got Ks-800,000/-. His wife said saya becomes memory impaired and can not remember whether he had finished meal or not. But his appetite is still good. Instead of tremor due to Parkinsonism, Saya U Bar Choon is still strong to walk around.

We all call "Sardu" for all good deed by Yin Yin Myint and Naing Thu and Yangon organizers group. All classmates are so proud of them.

Sid Naing delivering to Daw Naw Mar Saw.

Aye Aye Myint, Tin Tin Wai & Khine Than delivering to Saya Dutt.

and to Saya U Bar Choon.

Tun Myint Latt moved to Belgium

Tun Myint Latt and family moved from Singapore to Brussels, Belgium at the end of 2005. Let's wish them best of luck at new place.

Tun Myint Latt & his wife Htay Htay Han (in the middle) at Singapore airport saying good bye to friends. (Moe Kyaw Thu at the corner)