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Bulletin Board 2003

Sabai Phyu's visit

Sabai Phyu and her husband Dr. Roland Jureen visited Yangon from Norway in December. A small gathering party sponsored by Honey (Khin Thin Thin) to honorable guests, Sabai and her husband, was held on December 18 evening. Khine Than, Tint Tint Kyi, Khin Maung Htwe & Tin Tin Wai, and Sid Naing also attended.

Khine Than, Dr. Roland & Sabai

Tint Tint Kyi, Tin Tin Wai & Khin Maung Htwe

Khin Maung Htwe, Sid Naing, Honey (Khin Thin Thin)

everyone enjoying wonderful food

Merry Chrismas from Tin May Than

Tin May Than and family send warm Christmas wishes for all classmates around the world. In the picture, Tin May Than with her husband Dr.Joseph Sai Sone, 4 wonderful sons (Stephen, Peter, Raphael & Michael), and mother in law.

Friends in LA

Friends in LA gathered at Tin May Than's house during Htay Lwin's visit in July, 2003. In the picture, Robert (San San's husband), Htay Lwin, Htay Aung, & Aung Khine in the back and May Yee, Aye Aye Thant, San San, Mar Lar Oo, Tin May Than & Ma Khin Win in front.

Win Pu's house warming

Win Myint (Win Pu) had house warming party at his new house (great villa) at 56/57,6th Road, Hlaing Yadanar Mon Housing, Hlaing Township on December 7 and some classmates showed up. In the picture, you can see Win Maw Tun, Sit Khin, Win Myint, Aye Aye Myint, Ohn Than with his wife and daughter. Aung Thura & wife, Khin Shwe, Win Thein, Tun Aung and Win Lwin also came.

Win Thein in the back

Htin Paw's visit

Htin Paw visited to Taiwan and met with Tin Aye, Kyone Tint and Sein Quan. We are wondering why their wives were not in the picture :-)

Tin Aye is changing job and moving to Yong Ho city recently.

Khin Maung Htwe's Health Digest Journal

Khin Maung Htwe is publishing Health Digest Journal in Yangon. It is very good one. Please click following thumb nails to view some snap shots.

To read all the details, please visit to http://www.foreverspace.com.mm/

Reunin 2004?

Regional group in Myanmar had formed a working body with Sid Naing, Khin Maung Htwe, Kyaw Zin Wai, Min Wai Latt, Min Thwe, Khin Thin Thin, Tint Tint Kyi and Aye Aye Myint. They are organizing very actively for upcoming 2004 Reunion. For more information, please visit Reunion page.

England News

San San Wai went back home on 17th July. She did training in different medical sub-specialities at William Harvey Hospital in England. Si Si Tun just arrived to England for her membership.

Aye Aye Thant arrived

Aye Aye Thant and family arrived to Los Angeles on July 23 2003. Friends in LA welcome her at a local Japanese steak house. Aung Khine, Marla Oo, Mary and their hubbies, Ma Khin Win and Ma Nu Khin attended.

Aye Aye Thant going to Disneyland

Aye Aye Thant (Pu Sue) and family are moving to LA in mid July, 2003. Let's wish them good luck at new place and new job. LA gangs are planning a big welcome party for them. Stay tuned...

Before they move to LA from Japan, Aye Aye Thant and family went visit to Yangon. She had wonderful gatherings with classmates at Aye Aye Yi + Tun Aung new home, Aye Aye Thwin home and Khin Than Myint + Roland Bway home. Thanks to Aye Aye Myint for organizing. please visit Photo Gallery for more pictures.

Back: Aung Tint (Aye Aye Htwe's), Roland, Khin Maung Htwe, Tun Aung, Chit Swe (Aye Aye Thant's), Tin Shwe (Aye Aye Tint's)
Front: Aye Aye Yi, Aye Aye Htwe, Aye Aye Thant, Tin Tin wai, Aye Aye Tint, Aye Aye Myint, Khin Than Myint

Nyunt Naing's new life

Nyunt Naing is too busy with his new life, new home, new job and new study. He married to Pattinee (Pat) on 29, March 2003. Now he is working as a Community Manager at Refugee as Survivors Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a counselling organization. His new home address can be found in the directory page. Congratulation to Nyunt Naing and Pat for all their achievements.

More baby girls

Thet Shay's wife successfully delivered 4th baby girl on 21st April Monday. Both mother and baby are fine. His wife can not fulfil his great expectation of a son yet. He has 4 daughters now. let's pray for him next time. So Thet Shay has won the father of 4 poll by landslide :-)

Pe Thet Win's wife Momo Hlaing also gave birth to a baby girl 2 weeks ago. Mom and baby are fine. Pe Thet is having a severe case of sleep deprivation these days.

Congratulation to both Thet Shay's and Pe Thet's families.

Tin Aye's second daughter

Tin Aye's wife underwent emergency C.S. on 19th Feb and gave birth to a baby girl. Both mother and baby are fine. Olivia is second daughter for Tin Aye. Congratulation to the family. Tin Aye is busy preparing to change job. He is going to work for a local clinic in Taoyuan county.

Aung Khine's Dan Bout

Kyi Maung and family visited to Aung Khine's home on April 14 to celebrate Burmese New Year. Aung Khine and Khine Khine treated them with "Kyet Shar Zun Dan Bout". It was so delicious. Win Aung also joined them. You can see in the picture Aung Khine and Khine Khine still wearing "Longyi" at home.

Aung Khine's daughter Sandi is sitting now. Sandi is about 7 months old.

Kyi Maung on Cruise line

Kyi Maung and family spent April holidays on Carnival Cruise line to Mexico. It was fun. For more photos of Carnival Cruise ship Ecstasy, please visit Photo Gallery.

Friends in Singapore

San San Oo visited to Singapore in March 2003. She had some nice gatherings with Moe Kyaw Thu, Tun Myint Latt, Khin Khin Yee and Kay Thi Tun over there. Ma Ma Gyi could not make it. Khin Khin Yee is a successful businesslady. Moe Kyaw Thu is teaching at polytechnic, got beautiful teenage daughter and little very inquisitive son. Tun Myint Latt's wife is pregnant and she is very nice and a good cook too. Kay Thi Tun is working at the fertility clinic, busy making babies for others.

Than Win's medical company

Than Win is working as Managing Director for Concordia Int'l Ltd. which is an importer and distributor of medical equipment in Yangon.

Thein Htay got engaged

Congratulation to Thein Htay and Hla Moe Thu (a) Christina Liu for their engagement in Hacienda height, LA on Saturday, Jan 18, 2003. Wedding is planning in the end of year.

Junior Thi Han (a) Pho Shwe Taung (a) Maxwell Ko Han

Congratulation to Thi Han and Mar Mar Aye for their first boy. Pho Shwe Taung (a) Maxwell Ko Han was born in September 2002 in Sydney, Australia. Thi Han is trying to get medical registration in Australia. He passed Australian Medical Council MCQ and will take clinical in March this year. At the moment he is working as Pathology collector with the Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology. His contact number can be found in the directory page.

Happy New Year from Japan

Aye Aye Thant, Chit Swe and Chit Phue Ngon Swe greet Happy New Year from Japan. We heard they are moving to LA pretty soon this year.